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6 Red Lip Products for the Holidays

In order to get some use out of the various red lip products I have accumulated, I’ve decided that December will be the perfect time to experiment with a red lip and celebrate the holidays. As someone who more often tends towards a pale pink for an everyday look, rocking red as I go about my day would be a step out of my comfort zone that could possibly keep my red lipsticks from collecting dust in the future.

In no particular order, these are the six red lip products I’ve been using to celebrate the holidays this month:

1. Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipstick in Continuous Cranberry 

In my experience, long wear lipsticks tend to be uncomfortable to wear, and unfortunately, this product is no different. The formula is undoubtedly drying on the the lips, but the sweet, fruity scent characteristic of the lipsticks in this line paired with the stunning bright red of Continuous Cranberry more than make up for it.

2. butter LONDON LIPPY Tinted Balm in Strawberry Field

This is definitely more of a lipstick than a balm when it comes to color payoff, but the creaminess and the way it feels on is comparable to a balm. You might think you have found your perfect red, but unfortunately it does transfer quite a bit and the taste of crayon is off-putting.

3. Too Faced La Crème Color Drenched Lipstick in Jelly Bean

At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include this one in my group of reds since it is more of a raspberry color, but I thought wearing it would still be festive and slightly out of character for me, so here it is! This is by far the most comfortable to wear out of the six. It’s very creamy.

4. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam

I’m a huge fan of NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Creams. On my lips, this color tends towards more of a red-orange. I think the color is fresh and the formula really works for me.

5. Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Gladiolus

The formula of this lipstick has a distinct slick and waxy consistency. A lip liner is a must for a crisp line.

6. tre’Stique Mini Matte Lip Crayon in Chile Red

The size of this lip crayon makes it easy to maneuver when applying. I love that it’s matte, because it doesn’t transfer very much and it never found it’s way onto my teeth. On the flip side, the formula was drying and after a few hours, my lips felt incredibly thirsty! It also settled into the creases of my lips, and I had to reapply every couple of hours, especially after eating, to avoid having those lines emphasized.

Six Red Lip Products for the Holidays Swatches

Forgive my sloppy swatches! :/



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