Beauty Buys

Cyber Monday Steals

Bitten by Black Friday, I still had the online shopping bug and Cyber Monday was there to enable me. After hours of waiting and eventually failing to snag theBalm’s In theBalm of Your Hand palette at half price, I decided to roam some other websites to see if there was anything else that could console me. YouTubers raving about Kiko Milano in recent months led me to their sitewide 30% discount, so I got my  hands on two of their water eyeshadows.

Although the shades I most wanted were no longer available, I did grab two other colors that I thought would add some variety to my collection: 223 Eggplant Purple and 209 Olive Green.

After the initial rush of my new and unanticipated purchase, I thought long and hard about other new-to-me brands that I had been eyeing online. Of course! Color Club! Their Oil Slick collection had been calling to me ever since CoffeeBreakwithDani featured them on her channel. Unwilling to pay for shipping, I had resigned myself to never seeing those gorgeous duochrome shades on my own fingernails, but the 40% discount changed the game!

Color Club Burnt Out Sorry, Not Sorry

Burnt Out and Sorry, Not Sorry

Following much deliberation, I purchased the shades Burnt Out and Sorry, Not Sorry. I was so tempted by We’ll Never Be Royals, but I really thought two would be enough to satisfy me. (I was wrong! I’m already regretting this decision!)

Next was Cargo Cosmetics. I remembered halfheartedly swatching a few of their single eyeshadows as I was browsing the beauty section in Kohl’s one day and unexpectedly falling in love with Toronto and Shanghai! I wasn’t head over heels enough to overlook the $16 price tag, but with a Cyber Monday discount and free shipping, all bets were off! In my cart they went! 😛 Cargo Cosmetics Toronto ShanghaiShanghai is described as a “mocha with violet shimmer” on the Cargo website, but I would definitely consider it a duochrome that shifts between both of those colors depending on the lighting. Toronto is considered a “golden pearl shimmer,” which is an apt description. In the photograph, and even just in the pan, it could pass for a matte white, but once swatched, the gold shimmer is what really stands out. My photographs don’t do these two gems justice.

Technically, I made the next purchase on Black Friday when Benefit was selling their Majorette blush at only $10 (including free shipping), but it has only just arrived this week and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to include it here. Benefit MajoretteI had been wanting this cream-to-powder blush for months. As soon as I opened the adorable magnetic compact, the sweet berry scent was the first thing I noticed. Upon closer inspection, and after actually applying it, I realized that it closely resembles Stila’s Convertible Color in Petunia, a blush that I already own. Regardless, it’s still a fantastic product and I can’t wait to try it underneath different blush colors to see what effect it creates.

These deals have made me think that I should never pay full price for any beauty products again! Next year, I should just keep a wishlist and save up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Maybe it could be a New Year’s resolution?? Knowing me though, I don’t think I’ll be able to resist!!!


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