Target Beauty Box

Target Beauty Box | Renewal & Refresh Unboxings

Is it just me, or has this become a hot commodity recently? For a few months, I didn’t have to worry about the Target Beauty Box being sold out, but how things have changed! After not being able to snag the last Target Beauty Box, I was so overjoyed to be able to purchase each of the two offered in January.

First off, the Renewal Beauty Box:


Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara (FULL SIZE)

The small brush on the wand of this mascara confounds me, and I have yet to hear any reviews. Unfortunately, I won’t be opening this one right away since I already have some mascaras opened that I’m currently using.

Scünci No Slip Grip Braided Headwrap (FULL SIZE)

I love that this was included in the Target Beauty Box this time around. I find headbands incredibly useful on a day to day basis and I love the plastic grips on the underside of this particular one. What’s even better is that it also came with an additional coupon.

Caress Love Forever Body Wash

I’ve heard great things about Caress Body Wash, so I can’t wait to give this a try.

Hada Labo Tokyo Anti-Aging Facial Mask

Yay! Another sheet mask! I will be trying this ASAP.


Degree Women Fresh Energy Dry Spray (FULL SIZE)

This is a full-sized item that I can definitely appreciate. I was just needing to purchase a new deodorant, but now I won’t have to. It will be my first time trying a dry spray, but I love trying new things.

ATTITUDE 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body Wash and ATTITUDE Volume & Shine Shampoo

I have yet to try anything from this brand, but I’m definitely willing to give it a shot. I love eco-friendly products.

Laneige BB Cushion

I was incredibly excited to see this sample in the Target Beauty Box. Since it appears that cushion foundations are becoming somewhat trendy, I thought this cushion BB cream would be a nice introduction for me. The sample came with four separate pods: one contained a miniature version of the puff and the rest featured three of the four shades available, Light, Medium, and Medium Dark. I tried both the light and the medium. The former seemed to offer very little coverage, whereas the medium shade did offer more but was absolutely the wrong color for me. The finish was dewy. Overall, I’m not really impressed. The BB cream I’m already using definitely has more to offer.

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer

This lotion is meant to be applied after you shower, but before you dry off! To be honest this doesn’t scream convenience to me. What’s the huge difference between drying off after you moisturize or drying off before?! Unless there are added benefits to the process (which I don’t believe there are), I can’t be convinced to moisturize this way. Also, wouldn’t the extra water dilute the product?? What the product developers were thinking, I have no idea. Regardless, I thought I would give this a try and the most significant part of the whole experience was the nice, clean laundry smell that remained on my skin.

Secondly, the Refresh Beauty Box:


Simple Micellar Wipes (FULL SIZE)

This item is the reason I really wanted to buy this particular box! These retail for $6.99, immediately canceling out the price of the box. Truly an incredible value!

Scünci Braided Elastic Bands

I’m always losing or breaking my elastic bands, so I’m glad these were included. The design is really interesting and the colors are great! Like the headband, these also came with an additional coupon.

Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Pads

At first I was intimidated by the idea of these, but after carefully reading the packaging and understanding where these pads are meant to fit in your skincare routine, I realized that they basically serve the function of a toner. This small sampling includes 5 heavily saturated, textured pads; hardly enough to get a real idea of whether they are effective or not. All in all, I enjoyed the scent but disliked the way they left my skin feeling sticky.

Clear Total Care Shampoo & Conditioner

This is another brand that is totally new to me. I’ll be gifting the shampoo, and perhaps saving the conditioner for when I travel.


NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion

I didn’t know what to expect when I found this in my box, but it certainly wasn’t what this turned out to be. The texture of the cream is the very same as any other lotion, and using it pretty much goes the way you would expect using lotion in the shower would. I don’t know when the product actually has time to absorb into your skin if you’re really meant to rub it on and rinse it all in one sweep. I will say though that In-Shower Body Lotion does help you get all those bits of your body you would be likely to miss out of the shower. The scent is classic Nivea.

ACURE Day Cream

I’m already a fan of this day cream from Acure. The zesty scent is very refreshing in the mornings.

Marlowe Extra Moisturizing Lotion

Marlowe is a brand that I’m not familiar with, but that I find appealing. I figure this body lotion will be a nice addition to my traveling toiletries.

John Frieda Keraflex Hair Spray

I’ve already got a few cans of hairspray that I need to get through, so I won’t be using this for a while, but I’m glad to have a backup!

I can’t believe how many wonderful products are in each of these boxes, especially at $7 a piece. The value is absolutely unbeatable! I love trying new brands and stocking up on travel sizes. This is why Target is so close to my heart! I’ve decided to opt out of the February Target Beauty Box because none of the spoilers called to me. Did any of you manage to snag one?


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