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My First Colourpop Beauty Buy


I finally gave in to the hype and submitted an order for some items from Colourpop, the LA-based cosmetics company that has had YouTubers and bloggers everywhere raving. Because I wanted a little bit of everything to try, I ended up buying a few things.

Where The Night Is Super Shock Shadow Quad

I couldn’t resist Kathleenlights’ most recent collaboration with Colourpop. Weenie and Telepathy were calling me!! I am very into anything rose gold, and the metallic chartreuse that is Telepathy is just divine. My photography doesn’t do it justice.

Mini Ultra Matte Lip Kit in Foxy

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Kit in Foxy Beeper Clueless Tulle More Better Creeper

This small kit includes a sampling of Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lip liquid lipsticks. A compilation of their best sellers, it includes the colors Clueless, Beeper, Tulle, Creeper and More Better. After I purchased it, I happened to read the reviews on the site, most of which mentioned that the sizes of the lipsticks did not make this kit much of a value, and after receiving it, I would totally agree, considering that in this kit each piece comes out to $4 and the full size versions are only $6. It would have made better sense to purchase each color separately and spend $10 more for the full sizes.

Colourpop Foxy Ultra Matte Lip Swatches Clueless Beeper Tulle Creeper More Better

On the whole, I can’t say that I’m a fan of Colourpop’s formula. I found it incredibly drying (read: uncomfortable). What did I think of each color?

Clueless: This is definitely one of my favorites. On my lips, it didn’t pull as pink as it does in the swatch. There’s something grey-toned about it that I find to be totally trendy and interesting.

Beeper: As much as I wanted to like Beeper, I just can’t convince myself to be into taupe/brown lip colors.

Tulle: The way I fell in love with this was an absolute surprise to me. It looks so grungy and cool! I caught my reflection almost 12 hours after first applying it and I almost didn’t recognize myself! lol

Creeper: I have yet to try this very intimidating bright red!

More Better: I found this beautiful berry shade to be the most patchy of the entire group. I had a hard time getting an even application.

Word of warning: after using a makeup wipe and then resorting to soap and water, I could not totally remove these swatches from my arm, which goes to show just how budge-proof these lipsticks are. Two days later, my arm still bears a few swatch-shaped stains.

Lippie Stix in Lumiere and Frida

I also couldn’t resist trying Colourpop’s renowned Lippie Stix. YouTubers really suck me in.

Colourpop Lumiere Lippie Stix

Another collaboration with Kathleenlights, Lumiere is a matte mauve.

Colourpop Frida Lippie Stix

Frida is described as a “warm mid tone nude pink with a satin finish” on the Colourpop website. On my lips it pulls a little more peach, though.

Colourpop Lippie Stix Lumiere Frida Swatches

In this swatch, you can really see the difference in intensity between the Ultra Matte Lip products and the Lippie Stix. Regardless, I 100% prefer the Lippie Stix! My dry lips really need at least a little creaminess.

This entire haul cost me about $50. Not bad at all! My favorites so far are the Ultra Matte Lip in Tulle, and the Super Shock Shadow in Weenie.

Have you had a chance to try any of these?


3 thoughts on “My First Colourpop Beauty Buy

  1. I Love colourpop! Haha i guess u knw by now, the older shades formula of Ultra Matte not all are fantastic but newer once are. Yes its a pain removing them, try removing with oil based remover first then wipes. But they are def long wearing 👍🏽👍🏽

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