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My First Makeup Geek Beauty Buy

I finally gave in and submitted an order for some Makeup Geek cosmetics! I had been collecting items in my cart for months, waiting until I had accumulated enough “cash back” on my credit card to treat myself to a very special haul. This month, I couldn’t wait anymore and finally submitted my order.

First off, I knew I absolutely needed a Z-Palette. Thanks to the YouTubers I follow, I had been lusting after my very own customizable, magnetic palette. Although the black and white Z-Palettes have something sophisticated and sleek about them, I chose lavender because I was feeling playful. A little card arrived with it, detailing the de-potting process, and so did a package of sticky magnetic backs for future pans. After snapping a few quick photos of everything in its packaging, I assembled my palette!

Makeup Geek Z-Palette Lavender Secret Admirer Infatuation Bliss Romance Spellbound Shimma Shimma Daydreamer Peach Smoothie

In total, I bought 9 products: five blushes, three eyeshadows, and one pigment. The five blushes include Secret Admirer, Romance, Spellbound, Bliss, and Infatuation. Each cost me $10, excluding Bliss, which was 50% off.

Makeup Geek Z-Palette Secret Admirer Romance BlushMakeup Geek Z-Palette Spellbound Bliss Blush

Even though I really wanted so many other popular shades, I limited myself to three eyeshadows because I already own enough eyeshadows to last me a lifetime. I wanted to try a little bit of everything so I chose Peach Smoothie, a matte, Shimma Shimma, a metallic, and Day Dreamer, a foiled shadow. Peach Smoothie and Shimma Shimma cost me $6.00 each, while Day Dreamer cost a whopping $10.

Makeup Geek Z-Palette Infatuation Bliss Shimma Shimma Day Dreamer Peach Smoothie

I couldn’t submit an order without also including a duochrome pigment. Because every other color was sold out, I couldn’t really agonize over which one to choose. Insomnia it was! I think this color might be a dupe for Urban Decay’s Lounge, a shadow I have been wanting, so I’m pretty pleased. The pigment cost me $12. Even though Makeup Geek also has pressed versions of their duochrome shades, some reviews opined that the loose pigments are much more impressive.

I am so beyond thrilled with this order! Although in total (with shipping included) it ended up costing me $102.45, I figure that in the future it won’t turn out to be so expensive because I already own the Z-Palette and have room for more pans. In a short list, these are my final thoughts:

  • I didn’t appreciate the styrofoam peanuts that my order came shipped in. Those are still not biodegradable, correct?
  • I love that the Z-Palette’s lid folds completely backwards. It makes it so very easy to hold (and show off 😉 ).
  • Romance is apparently somewhat of a dupe for NARS Orgasm. Good thing because I don’t yet own the latter.
  • I like that an extra sieve for the loose pigment was included in my package. Good job predicting customer needs, MUG!

Thanks for reading!


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