Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty Box | Bonus Unboxing

Even though I opted out of February’s Allure Beauty Box,  I still (much to my surprise) received a package from Allure last month!! Unlike the last time Allure sent out bonus items, this time they all arrived carefully packed in Allure’s quintessential red box. It even included a mini-mag just like usual, though admittedly more ad-heavy.Allure Bonus Beauty Box Covergirl Wella SK-II

I was incredibly surprised to find that my little red box was filled to the brim with exciting new-to-me products, some of which were full-sized. Apparently this bonus beauty box from Allure was sponsored by P&G, since Covergirl, SK-II, and Wella are all affiliated brands.

Now, on to the contents:

Allure Bonus Beauty Box Covergirl Plumpify TruBlend Face Primer Intensify Me Liquid Liner oh sugar! in Sprinkle

From CoverGirl, I received four items:

Plumpify blast PRO Mascara in 800 Very Black

Although I am fully stocked in the mascara department, it feels so good to receive a full-sized version of this newly launched product for FREE!

Allure Bonus Beauty Box CoverGirl Colorlicious Oh Sugar balm in Sprinkle

Colorlicious Oh Sugar Balm in Sprinkle

This balm is actually a lot more bright and pigmented than I expected. I don’t know if I’m totally sold on the color but the balm feels nice and slick when applied and the color lasts quite a while.

TruBlend Face Primer for Oily Skin

I was totally happy to see this in my Allure Beauty Box, that is, until I saw that I received the version formulated for oily skin. Since I have the absolute opposite of oily skin, I will be gifting this to a friend.

Intensify Me Liquid Liner in 300 Intense Black

The tip on this liquid liner is a total curiosity. It seems to be a narrow shaped paddle that can be used to create a thin line or a heavy line, depending on which edge you choose to use. I’m already intimidated enough by liquid liner, so we’ll see how this turns out!!

A coupon for any TruNaked palette was also included in our box and I just can’t wait to use it!

From SK-II, a brand that I have heard much about, I received two items:

Allure Bonus Beauty Box SK-II Facial Treatment Mask and Facial Treatment Essence

Facial Treatment Mask

First, let me start off by saying that I googled this mask to find a little more information about it and I found that it, by itself, retails for $17!!!! O_O I found that to be truly shocking!!! I already knew that SK-II was a pricey brand but woooowww! I will definitely be saving this for a very special day.

Facial Treatment Essence

Yes! Another essence! This is the second essence I’m going to be trying. Currently I’m trying the Waterest essence from the Korean Beauty Birchbox but I’m curious to try something else and learn a little more.

From Wella, I received one item:

Allure Beauty Box Wella Smoothing Oil

Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil

I have heard of Wella a whole bunch, but I’ve never tried a product from them. At first I thought this was a spray bottle, but it’s actually a pump. I have a lot of hair oils at the moment, but so far my curiosity has been piqued.

I feel really lucky to have received this bonus box from Allure this month, even though I did suspend my subscription in February and will keep it suspended until April. I know that not everyone received it but hopefully Allure has something in the works for those that didn’t.



6 thoughts on “Allure Beauty Box | Bonus Unboxing

    • Yeah! I seriously couldn’t believe it either since it’s such a wildly expensive brand!!! The Allure Beauty Box is $15 a month, but for me it comes out to $16.20 with tax. This is a bonus box that they sent out a few weeks ago for free, outside of the usual subscription boxes. I wouldn’t count on them having items like these usually, though, since this is the first time since I’ve been subscribed that they sent out an entire bonus box filled with free goodies and that I’ve gotten anything from SK-II. :/

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