Treats | April 2016 Unboxing

SONY DSCAs I’m sure you all are aware of by now, I am completely addicted to subscription boxes! Despite myself, I’ve little by little accumulated five subscription boxes, all beauty. Recently though, I was tempted by another sort of subscription service, a snack service!! I know, it really is the next best thing! ūüėČ Treats is a subscription that will send out a box of, well, treats from a different country every month. I subscribed this month just to try it out and my first box featured yummies from the UK. I ordered the smaller box offered, which retails for $13.95, but I found a 15% discount¬†code online so I got it for $11.86.SONY DSCAlthough I think it’s supposed to be shipped Priority, mine arrived quite late. It took about 10 days for my box to get to me, which I suspect is not the norm. We’ll see if I have the same problem next month.SONY DSCAs you can see, two handy little cards are provided that talk a little about the country featured and a list with¬†descriptions¬†of the items included. I haven’t yet tried all of them, but, after snapping a few quick photos, I opened three of them right away! I really have no self-restraint.DSC06944Shortbread Fingers by Walkers

I think I’m really going to like these. I love shortbread cookies and the ingredients list is so short and wholesome: wheat flour, butter, sugar, salt. I can already imagine¬†these melting in my mouth.

Burt’s Chips by Guinness¬†

I did try these chips, but I can’t say that I’m a fan. Though I really love the aftertaste and the texture of these, I seriously can’t get over the sweet taste of soy sauce that hits you as soon as a¬†chip lands on your tongue. My boyfriend suspects that it might be the barley seasoning that gives these the soy sauce flavor.DSC06945Lion Bar by Nestle

So apparently these have a reputation for being delicious. I can’t attest to that just yet, but I am excited to try this soon!SONY DSCFruit Gums by Rowntree’s¬†

These gums are not as gummy as I was expecting them to be. They have the hard texture of a pack of gummy bears that has been left open for a few days. Overall, they were fun to try, but too sweet and sugary for my taste. I don’t think I’ll get through the whole pack.¬†SONY DSCAero Peppermint Bar by Nestle

Out of the three I tried, this has got to be my favorite! Although, shortly after this pic I did have to stick it in the fridge because it did arrive melted. I love anything that tastes like a thin mint, and this fits the bill. Just one piece was incredibly sweet and I don’t think I could finish a whole bar in one sitting.

Subscription boxes are all about adding a little bit of fun to your routine, and this subscription does just that. I loved receiving it, opening it, looking at the different items inside and tasting them! The whole process was a lot of fun. I also had fun sharing it with my boyfriend, and talking about what we liked, or didn’t like. I don’t know how long I’ll keep this subscription, but I’m for sure gonna stick around for another month to really see how I feel about it. Thanks for reading!


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