Treats | May 2016 Unboxing

Treats May 2016 Unboxing BrazilLast week I said I would stick around for another month to get a feel for the latest subscription service I’ve signed on to, Treats, but I didn’t expect to be writing a post about it the very next week! Unlike last month, this month’s Treats arrived right away. It was a really nice surprise. Treats May 2016 UnboxingThis month the country featured is Brazil! To be honest, I’m not entirely sure whether everyone else subscribed is receiving the same box, or if they send them to each subscriber in a different order. It might just be me who is receiving a Brazil box this month. Treats May 2016 Unboxing BrazilThe handy little information card listed five different snacks just like last month. It looks like a good mix of savory and sweet. Heads up: I have only tried one of this month’s snacks since I just received the box yesterday and I was waiting to share them with someone special ;). Plus, I think it would be nice to make them last just a little bit longer than a few days. That way, they’re even more of a treat. Treats May 2016 Bananinha Paraibuna Sonho de Valsa Bonbons by Lacta Pipoca Doce Vovozinha by FabitosPipoca Doce Vovozinha by Fabitos

The image on the packaging is so cute! Apparently, this is a sweet popcorn. I guess now the image makes more sense!! I thought she was wiping at his face, but really the cartoon grandma is feeding the little boy a kernel of popcorn! hahaha I really like kettle corn, so maybe this will be comparable to that. SONY DSCBananinha Paraibuna by Bananinha Paraibuna

A banana candy bar? This sounds totally interesting. Somehow, I don’t think this would ever catch on in the U.S.. From the outside, the bar feels very hard. Treats May 2016 Sonho de Valsa Bonbons by LactaSonho de Valsa Bonbons by Lacta

I’m happy to be seeing some chocolate in this box! According to the description on the card, these have a cashew nut filling! Yummy! Treats sent me two. Treats May 2016 Passatempo with Chocolate Filling by Nestle Presunto Conchinhas by YokitosPresunto Conchinhas by Yokitos

Ham flavored corn chips, huh? Will they taste like pork rinds? This is seriously a curiosity for me and I can’t wait to try them.Treats May 2016 Passatempo with Chocolate Filling by NestleTreats May 2016 Passatempo with Chocolate Filling by NestlePassatempo with Chocolate Filling by Nestle

These have a really familiar taste. I still can’t put my finger on it. Maybe, the Keebler E.L.Fudge Cookies?? I think it’s great that Treats sent out an entire package. I just know these are going to be great with coffee or tea when I want a little snack in the mornings or before bed. I’m sure the funny cartoons make them fun for kids, not that kids need any more reason to enjoy cookies! I also think it’s interesting that these are from Nestle. I guess it would be rare to find a country without something from such a large corporation.

I think these month’s treats were a little more interesting than last month’s, since Brazil is a completely different country. I couldn’t even understand the packaging this time, so everything was more of a surprise. I still don’t know if I’ll be holding on to this subscription after this month. I usually try to avoid eating too many processed snacks, but the appeal of trying international snacks is pretty strong. I guess we’ll see. Thanks for reading! On Tuesday of this week, I should have my April Beauty Buys post up!


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