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Boxycharm | July 2016 Unboxing

Boxycharm July 2016 UnboxingSurprise, surprise! My roommate actually bought me a three-month subscription to Boxycharm for my birthday in June!! I am absolutely giddy about it! This month a pretty high value item was dropped in our boxes, so I will be talking about that first, of course.Boxycharm July 2016 UnboxingBoxycharm July 2016 Unboxing Ofra Pro PaletteOFRA Professional Magnetic Palette and Shadows in Bohemian, Buttercup, Smoke, Iron, Truffle, and Millennium Gold

The inclusion of a magnetic palette and six eye shadows really set Boxycharm apart this month. I would never expect to recieve an item like this from my other subscriptions. I immediately played with these eyeshadows and the pans themselves are not labeled so I lost track of which is which. So far I can tell that I much prefer the shimmery shades to the mattes. As far as I know, OFRA products can only be ordered online so it’s great getting an idea of what their formulas are like without making a purchase myself. Filling this palette up with pans of my own choosing is going to be fun! Boxycharm July 2016 UnboxingNoyah Lip Gloss in Malbec

Incredibly pigmented and adorably packaged, this natural, non-sticky lip gloss adds a nice shine to the fuschia color. It’s a perfect color for the summer and the formula is not uncomfortable in the slightest.Boxycharm July 2016 UnboxingMally Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner Single in Ice Blue

I don’t know if I can pull of this frosty color, but I think I’ll give it a go on the lower lash line. I haven’t experimented too much with colors like this one and it’s very reminiscent of the early 2000’s, so wish me luck!Boxycharm July 2016 UnboxingPYT Hair Oil Treatment

I am seriously drowning in hair oils so I don’t know when I’ll get around to using this one. I do like using them though, especially when air-drying my hair.

I like that this was a box heavy in makeup, my favorite part of beauty subscriptions. I’m also a huge fan of the customizable magnetic palette. So far, I’m definitely a fan of Boxycharm’s boxes. I love receiving full-sized items and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for August.


6 thoughts on “Boxycharm | July 2016 Unboxing

  1. I love Boxycharm! Unfortunately, I’m still a little too poor to keep a subscription, so I only subscribe when I like the spoilers. July’s box was amazing. I’m really jealous you got the eyeliner!

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