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Monthly Beauty Buys | July 2016

July. Another month in which I actually managed to get a hold of my frivolous spending, at least when it comes to beauty products. I’ve been preparing for a trip to California and that has truly broken my budget this month, so there really hasn’t been any room for too many fun makeup purchases. I only bought four items throughout all of July and, in total, I spent less than $30. Allow me to pat myself on the back!Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Light Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer in Neutralizer

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer in Neutralizer

This was a replacement product for me. Not too long ago I finished a tube of this in the shade Light, but I thought I would purchase the Neutralizer shade this time around to really highlight my undereyes. Neutralizer is more brightening and whiter than Light. The formula is very creamy and doesn’t offer a whole ton of coverage, which is why I sometimes pair it with a peach colored corrector, but overall I love it as part of my everyday makeup routine.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Light

I have heard great things about this concealer and Ulta had a buy one, get one half off deal, so I thought this would be the opportune time to give it a go. I still haven’t opened it, but I will soon.

The following was really an impulse purchase, but I definitely don’t regret it. I have been wanting to try Glossier for many months now and heard about their $25 Coco Balm + Mist Duo, a combo that saves you five dollars. I also used a $5 coupon code and there was free shipping, leaving me with a $20 total.Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom Soothing Face MistGlossier Coconut Balm Dotcom

Glossier Soothing Face Mist

This will replace the Mario Badescu facial spray that I absolutely adore. For 8oz, that one retails for $7, this one for $18. Quite a difference! I’m glad to be testing this one out to see if it’s worth the inflated price tag. The ingredients are similar, though not identical. The nozzle on the Glossier spray is definitely more fine, but so far I prefer the scent of the Mario Badescu one more (though they both smell of roses). I usually like to use these sprays after cleansing, after applying my foundation, and right after finishing my makeup – basically, all day, every day.

Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom

I’ve heard that this is a popular product, so I thought it would be nice to try out on my parched lips. Right now, I have several balms that I’m using so I’m going to wait to open this one.

I’m really excited about my first Glossier purchase and I think I did well this past month! Hopefully, I can keep up the good work throughout August.


5 thoughts on “Monthly Beauty Buys | July 2016

  1. I liked mixing the Maybelline Neutralizer shade with another concealer to give it a correcting and highlighting effect, it works really great that way.
    I had the Fit Me Concealer but I didn’t love it – I found it faded on my skin and by the end of the day my dark circles would peak through.
    Never heard of Glossier but those items look great! 🙂

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