A Call For WordPress Advice

Recently, I noticed my WordPress media library nearly filling up to capacity.Capture Oblivious to what would happen, I went through old photos and started deleting the ones I didn’t like, unknowingly also deleting them from each post that they were embedded in. I seriously don’t know what I was thinking and why I deleted so many when in the back of my mind I thought it was possible that something irreversible would happen.

Anyhow, that sad situation led me to start thinking about the future of my blog. I started this project with the intention of keeping it for at least a year, a fun practice in focus and in finishing projects for me, but now it looks like I won’t even be able to make it a full year at the rate I post pictures. I don’t want to change the amount of pictures I post because I feel they greatly improve the quality of my posts.

So here I am, asking for advice from my fellow bloggers. How do you handle reaching capacity in your media library? Even if I were to purchase the Premium Plan, what would happen when I filled my library up to 13 GB? Do I have any options, other than rendering older posts obsolete by permanently deleting those photographs from my media library? Does anyone recommend a different platform for this type of blog?

Thank you for your help! Connecting with this community of bloggers has been a lot of fun for me and I really want to find a way to continue developing and improving my content.


4 thoughts on “A Call For WordPress Advice

  1. You can use a site for uploading and storing photos like Photobucket (or even use Instagram). You’d use the “File from Web” option when placing them in posts. You can also resize the photos so that they’re smaller before you upload them and crop out anything extra to make the file size smaller. I’m pretty certain Windows Photo Viewer already has a version of this but you can find a barebones Photoshop-like program, probably for free (I have Photoshop from needing it in college, but it’s overkill for casual blogging and overpriced).

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  2. Hi,
    i found out the below answers from this link.


    WordPress.com Business includes
    unlimited storage space.

    Are there other options besides
    subscribing to WordPress.com
    Premium or WordPress.com
    If you ran out of space or would like
    to upload other types of files, some
    alternatives are:
    Use an external hosting service
    such as Flickr or YouTube, and
    embed remote images and
    Upload to a dedicated file hosting
    or file sharing service.

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